About Us

​Acuitas is a progressive and highly professional technical consulting company specialising in reliability, availability, maintainability (RAM) engineering, probabilistic risk assessment, asset management and data analysis.

Acuitas focuses on ensuring the RAM activities your organisation invests in, achieve tangible outcomes to improve your business objective. Acuitas can provide the consultancy services to minimize operating costs, maximize reliability, decrease warranty claims, write RAM functional specifications and achieve many other goals. To see the range of activities Acuitas can provide see our Services page.  

Acuitas provides professional and technical training services. We do this through public short courses or by customising training to meet your requirements. For our public course schedule or the range of topics we can provide training on, see our Training page.   

Acuitas consists of highly professional RAM professionals. These professionals have background in practical RAM techniques and processes and include people with tertiary qualifications in RAM engineering. This means we can provide basic RAM advice through to Specialist Research. More importantly, Acuitas is able to effectively link academic theory with realist practice.

Acuitas is currently based out of Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory. We send our consultants to you to ensure we best understand your requirement and context. In providing a service we offer a number of collaborate approaches to ensure you have visibility of the products we develop. We can establish video teleconferences and other means of communications to bring dislocated teams together to collaborate on producing the very best product for our clients.

Contact Acuitas today to discuss how we can help you make informed decisions about the management of your critical assets.