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Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) Online Course

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This is a 4-hour self paced course that takes you through all aspects of fault trees and Fault Tree Analysis (FTA). There are no prerequisites or assumed knowledge ... beyond perhaps a broad awareness of reliability concepts. Fault trees are wonderful tools for (1) modelling and analyzing system reliability; (2) conducting Root Cause Analysis (RCA); and (3) creating robust, customer-centric design. Knowing which perspective you are viewing fault trees from all comes down to the decision you are trying to inform. So part of this course focuses on the types of decisions where fault trees might be useful, and the different approaches you might adopt. Perhaps you want to estimate what fraction of products will fail in a warranty period - or what the warranty period should be. Or mission reliability. Perhaps you are trying to work out what caused a failure. Perhaps you want to brainstorm and identify the likely weak points of your system so you can design them out. Perhaps you want to identify key design characteristics that will separate your product from your competition. So whether you are trying to translate component reliability characteristics into system reliability characteristics, identify root causes of failures, or work out what your next step in the design process might be, this course can help.

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