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Updated: Jun 18, 2021

The only thing that never changes is that everything changes.

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected us all in many different ways - many of which have not been good. We have a society have come together ... to varying extents ... in either rising to the challenge or finding a way to keep going.

But there are many positives and 'interesting facts' that have emerged as well. Firstly, it turns out that we can do a whole lot more over video conversations than we otherwise thought. Yes there was video conferencing before the pandemic, but it wasn't force upon us. And it turns out that if we take it seriously, video conferencing actually has some strengths over traditional in-person meetings. And while there will be a correction or bounce back to in-person discussions when all is said and done, we have all learned how powerful video conferencing can be. And this means we are going to see a whole lot more video conferencing in the future.