Accelerated Life Testing (ALT)

Accelerated life testing (ALT) is used to predict system reliability when there is limited time available for testing. ALT relies on mechanistic or physics of failure modeling to allow the RAM engineer to determine which aspect of testing he or she needs to modify to ‘rapidly age’ the system. For example, if failure is based on crack propagation, ALT can be achieved through increasing the cyclic load the system is subjected to. The model remains key: it must be used to calculate the ‘equivalent’ point at which the same system would have otherwise failed if it had been operated normally.

ALT can be used in the system design phase. A prototype can be manufactured that can be subjected to ALT to then provide some indication on how reliable the system will ultimately be. This activity is related to reliability prediction.

Acuitas can help you establish an ALT regime and interpret its results to assist you in making informed design decisions