Beihang University (China)

School of Reliability and Systems Engineering. The school was founded in 1985, now have more than 220 people include 120 full-time teaching and research staff, 30 part-time experts and visiting professors, 70 engineers for reliability test of software, component and equipment. It is the biggest research group focus on reliability related area in the universities of the world, including two departments and three research centres.

Education: over 200 under-graduates, 360 graduate students (60 PhD students). Research: more than 100 scientific research and hi-tech programs every year, including common concerns and basic research programs on defence technologies. The programs cover Reliability, Safety, Maintainability, Testability, PHM and Supportability, Quality, Risk Management and so on, receiving more than one hundred million RMB per year from the government or industry. Engineering: amount of test projects from varies industry, especially for aviation and aerospace, such as software test, components quality test and equipment environmental test. Consultation: strategic proposal and policy about quality and reliability related area for Chinese government and industry.

 Courses for master students: Goals of training students: mastering the fundamental concepts and theory of Reliability, Durability, Adaptability, Maintainability, Testability, Supportability and Safety; researching on the target of complex system and products; applying the System Engineering theory and technology to entire life cycle; conducting the demonstration, design, analysis, test, verification, manufacture, warranty, operation and supporting of related work on system or products.

  • Engineering Design Theory and Method
  • System Health Monitoring Technology
  • System Reliability Modelling and Simulation
  • Supportability Analysis Technology
  • Mechanical Products Reliability Analysis
  • Software Safety Engineering
  • Electronic Products Reliability Analysis
  • Embedded Software Testing Technology
  • Human Factor Reliability Engineering
  • Dynamical Environment Test and Analysis
  • Network Reliability Introduction
  • Accelerated test technology
  • Testability Modelling and Analysis
  • Modern Quality Management