Computer Maintenance Management System Data Mining

Computer Maintenance Management Systems are the central database to record the maintenance activities conducted within your organisation. Whilst these systems are designed with the best intentions, their complexity, their design and wide user usually mean that analysis of the data can be a difficult task. Examples of the challenges of conducting this type of analysis are:

  • Ineffective recording of life units (hours, km, days) at maintenance events.
  • System age metrics showing negative or excessive aging due to input data errors.
  • Ineffective recording if the maintenance event was initiated in response to a failure or because the tradesmen predicted failure before the next scheduled maintenance event.
  • Maintenance actions being recorded in free text fields which provide limited ability for analysis
  • Work Orders which have start dates after their end dates,
  • Determining when equipment was ‘Out of Service’ from Work Order status codes,
  • Maintenance actions not being linked to the failure mode observed or prevented
  • Linking information from multiple tables within the CMMS.
  • Multiple work orders being open on the same equipment
  • Parts being ordered outside the work order so not recorded against the equipment
  • Inability to link deeper maintenance actions (engine rebuilds) to the initial failure
  • Obtaining consistent definitions and data entry compliance across multiple organisations (including maintenance conducted by external maintenance organisations)

As an asset manager or operator who dedicates significant resources to computerized data collection and storage, you would have a natural desire to extract as much information from it to inform your (often risky) decision making.

Acuitas has extensive computer maintenance management system data mining experience. We can assist you in interrogating your data to produce analysis to support asset management decisions.