Data Recording Systems Taxonomy and Development

Data tables for recoring RAM data‘Failure’ is often assumed to be broadly understood, but there exist plenty of scenarios where failure is ambiguous. Failure may be ‘partial,’ or may be of a new form where the system remains functional but something changes that makes it unsuitable for your needs. If a system is operating well, but suddenly emits a high volume noise that makes any work in its building hazardous, is this still a failure?

Having a workable and generic nomenclature that allows all aspects of system functionality and failure to be captured will assist you in asset management. Reliability, availability and maintainability (RAM) data analysis is predicated on sound data. It is also important to specify the nature of your data recording system to any team that is designing a system for you.

Acuitas has experience in a large number of different data recording systems. There is no one right system, but there will be systems that are more applicable to your business. Alternately, we can assist you develop a system specifically for your needs.