Life Cycle Cost (LCC) Analysis and Optimisation

Ultimately, your bottom line drives your business decisions, but how can you do this if you operate complex mechanical systems and have little certainty about how much operating them will cost you in the future? How can you assess the quantitative merits of any initiative that seeks to improve how these costs affect your budget in order to provide a defendable business case?

Understanding the enduring costs of operating systems involves Life Cycle Cost (LCC) analysis. Getting the most out of your systems involves LCC optimization.

A Life Cycle Cost analysis can achieve the following outcomes:

  • Compare the cost of different equipment options prior to acquisition.
  • Compare the costs of different maintenance support options.
  • Inform the sustainment budget for a fleet of equipment.
  • Inform the parameters for maintenance and support contracts.
  • Conduct a sensitivity analysis of changes to mission profiles.

Acuitas can assist you through every step of LCC Analysis and Optimization. Acuitas can also provide a measure of ‘uncertainty’ in the subsequent of results, meaning that you can make informed asset management decisions based on your risk tolerance.