Monash University (Australia)

Maintenance and Reliability Engineering. Postgraduate programs in asset management
 by Off Campus Learning (Distance Education). Maintenance and reliability engineering (MRE) is a powerful tool in managing assets to improve industrial profitability. It has surely never been more required with many physical assets required to be in service longer and to work better. Hundreds of engineers, managers and senior technical people from around Australia and the world, have increased their skills and capability by completing Monash University MRE postgraduate programs.

The programs were designed for and are only offered by off-campus learning: there are no matching on- campus classes. Study materials are print-based, with web-enhanced delivery. Our Unit Advisers are engineers from academia and industry, accessible via email. Students are expected to access our extensive Library resources in this field, with much on-line material available.

Normally, two units are studied in a semester, but a lesser study load is possible. Units are offered on a semester basis and mid-year entry is available (except for the Graduate Certificate in Reliability Engineering). Each unit requires about 150 hours of effort through the semester, but this does vary with the individual. Our programs are:

Graduate Certificate in Reliability Engineering (4 units);

Graduate Certificate in Maintenance Management (4 units);

Graduate Diploma in Engineering Maintenance Management (8 units); and

Master of Maintenance and Reliability Engineering (8 units with BE, 12 units for those advancing from the Graduate Diploma). Applicants for the Masters degree with a BE can customise their studies, and choose 7 units, plus the mandatory project unit: MRE5008.

Applicants for graduate certificates with relevant experience who do not hold tertiary qualifications are welcome to study one or two units on a fee- paying, not-for-degree basis. Completion of two units with 65%+ average grades enables transfer with full credit for units completed into the relevant Graduate Certificate, with the prospect of advancement into the Graduate Diploma, and likewise later into the Master’s degree.

Courses: MRE5001 Terotechnology and life cycle costs; MRE5002 Maintenance management; MRE5005 Quantitative techniques for asset management; MRE5008 Maintenance & Reliability Engineering Project; MRE5101 Basic quantitative skills for reliability engineering; MRE5102 Understanding reliability; MRE5003 Industrial techniques in maintenance management; MRE5004 Asset management techniques; MRE5006 Condition monitoring and fault diagnosis; MRE5007 Risk Engineering; MRE5008 Maintenance & Reliability Engineering Project (most of the work); MRE5103 Advanced reliability; MRE5104 Reliability applications.

Contact: Dr. Indra Gunawan, Co-ordinator, Maintenance and Reliability Engineering Programs, School of Applied Sciences and Engineering, Monash University; Tel: +61 3 9902 6639, +61 3 5122 6639; Email:

The School of Applied Sciences and Engineering site  has more detailed information, including details of the units of study and suggested study pathways.