Performance Measurement/Key Performance Indicator (KPI) development and analysis

Activities which drive business objectives can only be improved by the measurement of performance.In order to manage these activities, contributing performance metrics must be developed in order to know how to improve the primary activities of your business. The result is a system of metrics used to detect changes in system performance and drive improvements.

The problem with Reliability, availability and maintainability (RAM) metrics is that these terms can be very subjective in different contexts. Whilst this flexibility can allow concepts to be easily discussed, it is not so good when you are trying to quantify performance. Measuring RAM metrics can be crucial, depending on your situation. RAM metrics are essential to:

  • Hold your suppliers to account based on a RAM specification,
  • Measure the effectiveness of a maintenance and sustainment program
  • Provide a performance based contract with external service providers
  • Determine risks (incomplete missions, risk of critical failures, risk of accidents).
  • Measure your outstanding liability.
  • Determine decision triggers.

Acuitas can assist you in developing RAM KPIs. Our extensive experience in this field ensures that we will develop KPIs that are universally recognized throughout the industry and fundamentally measurable. Acuitas can also assist you in assessing RAM KPIs. Ultimately, the majority of life cycle costs are based on system RAM characteristics, and understanding the former requires analysis of the latter.