RAM Programs

Exceptional reliability and availability performance is typically not achieved through a single analysis activity. Instead an integrated approach to the management of RAM assurance across a systems entire life-cycle is required to get the most out of your valuable assets.

A myriad of Reliability Engineering and Asset Management tools and techniques can be used to measure specific aspects of system performance and provide insights into how they may be be improved. However, understanding what value each activity provides, when each should be done, who is best place to undertake them, how different activities are related and what are the most appropriate techniques to apply in specific circumstances, can be extremely challenging.

At Acuitas, our extensive knowledge of the techniques that underpin each aspect of a RAM program and our experience in drawing together complementary activities to develop a coherent approach to RAM management enables us to help you develop a RAM program tailored for your business that will help you to get the most out of your vital assets.

An integrated RAM Program will answer questions like:

  • How do I articulate my RAM requirements?
  • What are the implications of trading off my RAM requirements?
  • How can I test against my requirements?
  • How do I implement a design for reliability program to meet RAM specifications?
  • How can I predict my warranty costs?
  • What are the risks of incorrectly passing and failing formal demonstration tests?
  • How do I plan for in-service Reliability monitoring?
  • What is the relationship between RAM requirements and a Performance Based Contract?
  • How do I optimise the maintenance schedules of fielded systems?
  • How do I assess when I should replace my systems?

Therefore whether you already have a program that needs to be reviewed or you are starting from scratch, give us a call to help you ensure your RAM program is delivering what you want from it.