Reliability Improvement and Growth Analysis

Too often, system design is limited to the ‘design phase.’ We typically receive a system from a contractor or manufacturer and do not consider modifying it thereafter. This may make sense for mass produced items (such as your car or home appliances), but if you have more unique mechanical systems it may be desirable to improve them after they have been tested in the field environment.

Modifying systems after they start to be used in a realistic environment makes sense. When you design something, you can only predict how it will respond when it is being used in field conditions, however it is inevitable that the limited testing and simulation environment does not excite the failure modes which will become dominant in field use. If you have considerable actual operational RAM data for a system, you may be able to make system modifications that could drastically improve its performance. Modifications sound intrusive and expensive, but often can be as simple and inexpensive as installing a more robust capacitor or using a higher grade of lubricant.

Acuitas can assist you in analysing your systems RAM and operational data to help you identify potential for reliability growth.