Reliability Prediction

Reliability prediction is a key aspect of design. Design engineers need to focus on the function of the equipment or system they are designing. Reliability is a less tangible function that cannot be measured during the design process, and hence can sometimes be neglected. Reliability prediction uses all available sources of information to generate an estimate that a design team can use.

The reliability of a mechanical system is most heavily influenced in the design phase. Implementing any systemic modification to rectify a problem is orders of magnitude more expensive than rectifying that same fault during the design phase. If your product or system involves a warranty period, then reliability prediction is crucial. Furthermore, reliability prediction can also shed light on the aspects of your product or system that can be changed to improve reliability: this may allow you to offer a more extensive warranty period and therefore become more competitive.

Acuitas can assist you in all facets of reliability prediction. Model development, soliciting indicative information and interpreting expert opinion can combine to provide you, the designer, confidence that your design is inherently reliable. Reliability prediction relies on other activities (such as Accelerated Life Testing) that Acuitas can assist you with.