Repairable System Analysis

The analysis of repairable systems has added complexity compared to single component analysis. Every time a repair is conducted, a ‘renewal’ occurs. There are several ways in which repair can be modeled: ‘good as new,’ ‘good as old’ and a range of other states in between.

Repairable system analysis allows the RAM engineer to more acutely understand the nature of repair on complex systems. This is important for:

  • Optimising maintenance regimes
  • Quantifying risk of missing failure
  • Estimating the increases in cost of maintaining complex systems
  • Providing a trade off analysis between repair and replacement
  • Estimating the rate of repair part consumption
  • Estimating changes to system Key Performance Indicators
  • Estimate the quantity of warranty returns.

Acuitas provides support for every step of repairable system analysis. Engaging Acuitas will enable you to better manage your mechanical systems or plant and realize operational and economic benefits.