Texas State University (USA)

Texas State University, research in reliability engineering has three focal areas: (1) service parts logistics optimization; (2) demand side management for smart grids; and (3) distributed generation planning.

Under the performance based contracting framework, research in service parts logistics leverage stochastic programming to develop efficient, yet cost-effective, supply chain systems to support the sustainment and operational readiness of capital-intensive equipment such as wind turbines and aircraft for private and public industries, respectively. Research on smart grids concentrates on the reliability and stability of power delivery and consumption by developing novel demand side management technologies. Such technologies include, but not limit to, virtual energy provisioning systems, deployment of smart metering infrastructures, and real-time power quality management system. Research on distributed generation systems focuses on the decision on the optimal sizing and placement of distributed energy recourses, such as wind turbines and solar Photovoltaics, across the distribution network with the objective to maximize energy reliability and minimize the life cycle cost. These research activities are carried by Drs. Tongdan Jin, Stan McClellan, Clara Novo, and Jesus Jimenez along with research students in SMART Lab, Telecommunication Lab, CHiPS Lab and in the Ingram School of Engineering at Texas State University.

Point of contact: Tongdan Jin, Ingram School of Engineering, 601 University Drive, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX 78666; Phone: (512)-245-4904; email: tj17@txstate.edu