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University of Lulea' had a MSc program in operation and maintenance engineering that no longer exists, however starting from 2013 they will offer a bachelor program in Swedish.

University of Lulea' offer a strong doctoral research program in Reliability and Maintenance Engineering since 2003. More information can be obtained from

The University's admission regulations, the applied requirements and rules are stated for recruitment and admission to third-cycle programmes,!forskarantagningsordning_en.pdf

The general syllabus for each third-cycle subject area there is a description of: contents and arrangements for that particular program; what entrance qualifications are required; and on what base the assessment of the applicant's ability to complete the program are founded.

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Operation and maintenance

The Division of Operation and Maintenance Engineering was established in the year 2001. Since then, the Division has progressed a long way towards establishing itself as a pioneer research group in the field of operation and maintenance engineering.

With the increasing awareness that maintenance ensures safe and sustainable performance and creates added value in the business process, industries have started considering maintenance as an integral part of the business process while applying a holistic view of the asset engineering and management.

Research at Operation and maintenance
The scope of research activities of the Division cover different areas of engineering, basic and applied sciences and management leading to integrated maintenance engineering solutions or industrial problems. The core research areas identified for strategic focus are:

Condition Monitoring
Remaining Useful Life Estimation
Maintenance Decision Modelling
Diagnostic & Prognostic
eMaintenance & Information Logistics
Human Factors in Maintenance.

The Division of Operation, Maintenance works with the four zones railway, aviation, machinery and mining.

The Division has been successful in attracting research grant from EU leading to 7 projects with FP7 program. The Division has also launched an International Journal of System Assurance Engineering and Management with Springer. The establishment of SKF - University Technology Center for advanced condition monitoring has provided the Division with much needed platform for the development of prediction technology.

The Division of Operation and Maintenance Engineering during the 10 years of its existence has grown in size. By the end of the year 2011, the Division has 17 faculty members, 5 guest professors and 23 PhD students (including
industrial and external PhD students).


Chaired Professor - Operation and maintenance
Uday Kumar, Professor
Name: Uday Kumar Title: Professor Department: Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering Division: Operation, Maintenance and Acoustics


Phone: +46 (0)920 491826

Room: F604