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Course description

Maintenance Engineering and Asset Management is a critical field of managerial and technical importance to UK and international industry. It is estimated that 10% of typical plant cost is spent every year maintaining that plant. Maintenance can make the difference in competitiveness on a global scale. Maintenance managers can make major impacts on their companies' bottom line, and often report at board level.


Maintenance Engineering and Asset Management is a key element in increasing the competitiveness of industry. It is a sophisticated discipline, which embraces management techniques, organisation, planning and the application of substantial electronic, engineering and analytical know-how to manufacturing processes, transport, power generation and the efficient operation of industrial, commercial and civic buildings. The aim of the programme is to give companies the technical and managerial expertise to thrive in the global marketplace.


On completion of the course you will be able to obtain one of the following degrees: MSc, Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert) and Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip).


Course Content


The programme is divided into course units which cover various aspects of applied management and technology in the field. It is designed in such a way that after enrolment the people already working in the industry can benefit from the structure and content of the course to enhance their capability in Maintenance and Asset Management. Our teaching staff are internationally recognised professionals with years of experience working in industry and academic institutions.


The course is offered in three different modes:




The course is fully accredited by The Institution of Mechanical Engineers and approved by The Society of Operations Engineers.


Student Experience


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Module details

The programme is modular. You take eight units, 4 core and 4 optional, some of which include field and laboratory work, followed by a major project. The earlier units address the management of the maintenance process, including such topics as maintenance strategy, maintenance systems and condition based monitoring. Later more specialised units deal with auditing, advanced vibration monitoring, reliability and risk. Units on the full time programme are direct taught, however, part time students can choose either direct taught or web-based distance learning.


All delivery modes cover the same syllabus and lead to the same qualification. View examples of programme structures of individual degree programmes; Full-time,Part-time and Distance Learning. Please see Examples of past dissertation projects.



Unit Code Unit Title Semester
MACE69001 M01: Maintenance Strategy 1
MACE69031 M03: Maintenance Systems 1
MACE69022 M02: Maintenance Organisation 2
MACE69032 M04: Condition Based Maintenance 2
MACE61050 Dissertation 1 & 2
Semester 1
MACE69081 M08: Turnaround Management 1
MACE69132 M13: Raliability, Maintainability & Risk 1
Semester 2
MACE69142 M14: Machinery Vibration Monitoring & Analysis 2
MACE69052 M05: Maintenance Awareness in Design 2
MACE69062 M06: Auditing Maintenance Systems 2