Acuitas offers the following range of services:

Reliability Data Analysis - Uptime and Rate of OccuranceReliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) are not performance characteristics which can be immediately observed. In order to measure, identify areas for improvement and predict future RAM performance data gathering and analysis must be conducted. Acuitas supports a broad range of data analysis methodologies to achieve your business goals.

Acuitas can conduct specialized research on your behalf. Acuitas employs field leading experts for many aspects of reliability, availability and maintainability (RAM) engineering. These employees are published authors in their respective fields.

Exceptional reliability and availability performance is typically not achieved through a single analysis activity. Instead an integrated approach to the management of RAM assurance across a systems entire life-cycle is required to get the most out of your valuable assets.

Acuitas provides a range of reliability, availability, maintainability (RAM) and risk training. We provide standard public courses or can customise a training course to meet your objectives.