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We make it look pretty (AND SIMPLE) so it is easier to 'get'

Each course is based on a LEARNING STRATEGY which focuses on the VITAL FEW things you need to learn along with the best ways of teaching these points. Simple diagrams. Simple language. A forensic focus on what is important. Fully produced, edited, contemporary-looking courses.


Bullet points and tacky diagrams on a computer screen do not help learning. 


Online training is not a limitation - it is an OPPORTUNITY. An opportunity to get the message right. To have funky animations that help communicate a message. And make it stay in your mind. An opportunity to take feedback and continually improve. 

If you think online training is just a video of an old professor
talking in front of a chalkboard 
- you need to talk to us.

SCROLL DOWN TO SEE OUR COURSES. Please let us know if you would like a course tailored for your organization.
Course Picture (FTA Course) - dead tree.
Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) Course (4 hours)

Do you need to understand or MODEL SYSTEM RELIABILITY? Or perhaps you need to do ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS to understand why something failed. Or then again ... you might want to focus on ROBUST, CUSTOMER-CENTRIC DESIGN to prevent failure (and failure to meet your user or customer's expectations).

Course Picture (RAM Course) - Broken TV.
Reliability Engineering Course (40 hours)

This is the course to do if you are starting your reliability engineering journey and need to be on top of your game as quickly as possible. We start with how reliability supports good business (and good management) before we teach you the practitioner reliability engineering activities that focus on your VITAL FEW.

Course Picture (RAM Introduciton Course)
Reliability Management Course (16 hours)

If you need to understand how to build a 'mature reliability engineering' culture that focuses on business outcomes that matter to you and your team, this is your course. We teach you how to create goals that support ORGANIZATIONAL SUCCESS while also guiding your workforce simply and effectively.

Course Picture (RAM Course) - Typewriter
Reliability Practitioners Course (24 hours)

This course teaches you how to BAKE RELIABILITY INTO YOUR THING. We teach you how to practice reliability engineering. We cover data analysis, an introduction to the statistics you need to know (and nothing else), test planning, modelling and specific Design for Reliability (DfR) activities.

Course Picture (FMEA Course) - broken li
FMEA Practitioners Course (16 hours)

A Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) has a boring name but is perhaps the most valuable reliability engineering activity. It is all about MAKING YOUR FIRST DESIGN A RELIABLE DESIGN. This will not only delight your users and customers but save LOTS of time and money during production.

Course Picture (CRE Exam Prep Course) -
CRE Exam Preparation Course (40 hours)

The American Society of Quality (ASQ) will designate you a Certified Reliability Engineer (CRE) if you pass an exam. This means you can put CRE in your signature block, or in your CV. This course gives you all the tools you need to pass this exam AND use the skills to use those tools to make you a better reliability engineer.

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