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RAM decision making more often than not relies on some form of data analysis. By extension, the quality of the decision can (at best) be as good as the quality of the data analysis. This is where Acuitas can help. We can help you conduct data analysis in support of your business goals.


We can help you set up your Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS). We can also help you set up your Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS), along with identifying the metrics and sensors that you need to use for your system. Perhaps you need help in developing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for a Performance-Based Contract (PBC) or Performance-Based Logistics (PBL) Framework. Whatever the data analysis needs, Acuitas can help.

Five broad classes of data analysis that Acuitas routinely conducts are listed below. That said, we can customize or tailor our approach to align with pretty much any RAM data analysis need you can think of. We have graduate-qualified engineers with an advanced understanding of statistical theory and practice - and you can easily benefit from our skills.

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Of course, the foremost consideration of someone who is trying to 'design for reliability' is to understand how reliable the system is. Or at least, how reliable will the system become if I 'do something.' This informs operational planning, fleet considerations and risk assessment. Acuitas can help you model the reliability of your system. Whether it is based on historical data or Physics of Failure (PoF,) we can help you understand (with levels of confidence) how reliable your system will be.



Many engineering organizations effectively communicate data and data analyses in Excel spreadsheets. Often, a well-crafted spreadsheet can be a very useful decision aid. Often, organizations store data in spreadsheets (... see a trend here?) Acuitas can help you create Excel spreadsheets (including charts and inputs) that better utilize your data.

Analyzing Data


Sometimes, you don't know what your data can tell you. Data mining plays a key role in this scenario. Acuitas knows what to look for in terms of likely causal factors of failure. That means we already have a head start. If you have substantial amounts of data that you don't know where to start analyzing ... contact Acuitas.

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Do you know that that you can effectively 'maintain away your reliability?' What most people do not understand is that every time you service or conduct preventive maintenance, you introduce a whole raft of new maintenance induced failure mechanisms - regardless of how well you conduct the maintenance in the first place. Acuitas has previously worked with organizations to more than double reliability performance metrics by simply servicing less often. If you haven't optimized our maintenance, chances are your reliability is less than what it can be.

Image by Diane Helentjaris


Reliability, availability and maintainability drive costs. It also drives things like sparing and warehousing. Acuitas has successfully modelled lifecycle costs (LCC) and spare demand analysis to help link reliability performance with support resources. This importantly helps inform decisions that effect the reliability performance of the system in question in an informed way.

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