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Finding solutions that focus on the vital few things that matter to you and your business on your journey to success.



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People work with Acuitas because we tailor our solutions to your business and learning needs. 


We work with you to identify how reliability training supports your organization, how reliability generates value, and how reliability can save you time and money. We then help you identify the VITAL FEW reliability engineering strategies you need to get reliability to really work for you.

This often starts with working out where you are today, and where you want to be in terms of reliability performance metrics. We help you understand how your processes can be improved, and analyze your current operations to identify the steps you need to take that can help you get there.

We're all about tailoring the right support for you, which ranges from management teams looking to establish reliability engineering training programs, through to smaller teams who need help with a specific activity. 

When it comes to improving reliability in your organization, it's all about the VITAL FEW things that you and your team need to focus on- not the TRIVIAL THOUSANDS. And with our reliability engineering training, we implement custom strategies to truly help you improve: meaning we don't just regurgitate the (exhaustive) lists that appear in standards and textbooks. 


We offer services that range from helping you come up with a reliability plan for your organization or team through to helping you with a specific reliability engineering activity (like FMEA or HALT).

We can also help you with data analysis, organizational assessments, test planning, ALT, and lots of other stuff.

We can either come to you in person, or create an online course for your organization to improve your reliability engineering training.


Our online learning library has a number of do at your pace and live, virtual courses. Some are
high-level courses that focus on management and how we can create a 'reliability culture.'

Other courses focus on specific reliability engineering activities like FMEAs and system reliability modelling.

We also create tailored corporate courses that focus on the reliability challenges specific to your organization. You can inquire about custom course content for reliability engineering below.

More online courses are always in the works!


There are two types of reliability engineers.

The first type usually has a degree in reliability from a university where professors walked into classrooms with wheelbarrows full of reliability textbooks that they then force-feed the engineer until they pass the right number of exams (or pass out).

The second type of reliability engineer is usually someone who once happily worked in some other area in an organization before their boss came in and congratulated them for being the brand new senior reliability engineer for the division… and then they needed to learn about reliability stuff really quick.


Neither reliability engineer is prepared for their job.

The courses they have completed are either crazily complicated, or so basic they don’t help anything. 


The training we offer is different. We teach that MEASURING reliability and quality can be important … but not nearly as important as MAKING reliability and quality happen.

And when you do need to do the probability and statistics, we teach the bits you NEED to know, why they are the way they are, and use visuals you'll actually remember (not equations.)

Proud to partner with and contribute to...

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where you can find all sorts of free reliability engineering resources, webinars, podcasts, articles and lots more.

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with some of the best training for systems engineers, project managers, and technologists responsible for creating 'capability'




Reach out to us with any of your reliability engineering training questions.

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