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08 Jul
Acuitas attend PSAM 2014 in Honolulu http://t.co/zynyRvzK1n
03 Jan
Andrew O'Connor from Acuitas has won the George Apostolakis Fellowship and will present at PSAM 12 in Hawaii. http://t.co/4fXbdD43Bm
07 Oct
Congratulations to Ben Mailler from Acuitas who won a prize for his presentation on post servicing failure analysis at the ARS Asia.
24 Sep
Acuitas with KPMG optimising maintenance for the Army Aviation fleet. http://t.co/yTgP4KIdfc


Reliability, Availability and Maintenance (RAM) outcomes can determine the success or failure of a product, but due to the difficulty in measuring and predicting its performance, it is often neglected within organisations. The needs of Reliability, Availability and Maintainability permeate a wide field of system design, acquisition, operations and sustainment. Linking RAM outcomes to engineering, business, economic and operating considerations represents a challenge that mandates RAM specialists to solve.

Acuitas provides the technical ability to use and develop the detailed tools and analysis to provide RAM outcomes. We also have the much broader experience at the strategic level to ensure that the RAM activities you conduct support your business objectives.

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